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To know why you have to show up, you must first understand why you hide. From a life of breaking loose, the only consequence is recluse abuse. ‘𝑷𝑬𝑬𝑷𝑯𝑶𝑳𝑬 ’ is a short film by Youths In Balaclava that invites you to see things through only one perspective, but bend over backwards through multiple. Will you shy away from a friend who offers their unwavering condolences? Flowers to please you end up becoming life for you to deal with. A landlord cracks the whip, and perhaps you deserve it. Panic ensues in a place that is smut upon grime upon smut upon grime, and kindness is as rare as the blanket on your back. Panic stems from paranoia, and the root of paranoia is, more often than not, a fear of consequence. What do you have to hide? 


          Brood once, then brood forever; your unkind acts may be explainable, but does that necessarily equate to it being justifiable? 

                  Mourn once, then mourn forever; will you allow times tides to smother you? 


Stand in the shoes of someone else for long enough, and your feet will grow into them. Your boots have started to grow roots, and now whisper their ill intentions in your ear. Nature never intends to harm, though the effects are real and persist nonetheless. Kid vandals– wet around the edges and rough behind the ears have a message to share, and can you really blame them? Increasingly restive, a familiar face pounds hastily into the door that separates you from the world at large; or is the world separated from you? No matter the difference, the seeds you have sowed only you shall reap.

Our debut project from this vein of expression; a short film.

Cast (In order of appearance)

A friend - Ashley Tay 
Landlord - Gan Ku Kim 
Food delivery man - Hanif 
Vandalizer 1 - Evin 
Vandalizer 2 - Farah Sudiro 
A familiar face - Ariel Ibran Sjarifudin
Debt collector 1 - Muhammad Shafeiq 
Debt collector 2 - Isaac Tan Ming Yi
Officer 1 - Long Yichen 
Officer 2 - Hafiezulhaqim Bin Hazmi