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The people of Myanmar are holding non-violent demonstrations for democracy, and require our support. We strongly believe everyone has the right to peacefully protest for what they stand for.

To all our bandits from around the world– we implore you all to rally together to provide support to our fellow tribe members in Myanmar. 

Even the smallest donations play a part, and to ensure that all our tribe members have the means to donate, we will be breaking things down to 4 different price groups: all of which will be donated to isupportmyanmar.com, and more specifically to

support the movement, 
the people, 
and the workers. 

We also welcome everyone to donate directly at the website if they wish. 


$10 gets you a poster and stickers,
and for $35, you will receive a tote bag and pins.


$70 gets you a t-shirt, poster, and sticker,
and for $100, you will receive a tote bag, pins, t-shirt, poster, and sticker.

All prices are in USD. 


Join us, as we stand hand in hand to provide aid to the people in Myanmar, as they fight for what they stand for.