Youths In Balaclava is the panic and hysteria of a nation on the brink of a war.

We began as teenagers who crossed paths along the walk of life and stumbled upon an idea. We’re still walking...–walk with us if you must. Amongst our colourful palette we have: soldiers, students, policemen, skateboarders, photographers, writers, and even more– all bound by driving desires to contribute a verse to the powerful play of life.

We were founded on the cemeteries of the artists we hold dear to our hearts.

A collective effort was made to stir up the youths of today– to create, to feel, and to live. To don the balaclava is to unite and celebrate expression. We believe it is vital to remind jaded youths that they have the chance to listen and to be heard.


Youths In Balaclava. To be the flint for steel-hearted youths trapped in houses of tinder.

We all need constant reminders of the people we were in our youth.

YIB BANDITS is our way of acknowledging and tapping into that nostalgic energy that permeated through our early beginnings as a collective. Rawness, playfulness, and wit are the blueprint for this secondary line.

Will you join us as we reminisce and celebrate the pleasures and pains of the youths and everyone in between? 


YIB BANDITS – because your inner teenager still deserves to thrash about.